Civil Litigation – Hire a Professional Trial Lawyer in Courtenay

Finkelsteins handles civil litigations. A form of legal dispute that is not criminal in nature. It often involves parties who are seeking money damages or certain performances from other parties rather than criminal sanctions. At our law firm, civil litigation may include:

  • Insolvency cases
  • Debtor-creditor cases
  • Estate disputes
  • Real estate matters

Our law firm understands that for those new to civil litigation the experience can be intimidating. That is why the lawyers at Finkelsteins take careful steps to explain the whole process to you, giving you the knowledge necessary to make sound decisions. Finkelsteins will let you know what to expect from your civil litigation in terms of timeline and costs, working with you to design a realistic, cost-effective solution for your case.

Comprehensive civil litigation and dispute resolution services.

We have experience in both trial and appellate advocacy representing clients before  arbitrators, administrative tribunals, investigative boards, and commissions. We provide sound, strategic advice at the earliest possible stage to help our clients—individuals, businesses and professional organizations—manage costs, while pursuing their goals.

Contact Finkelsteins in Courtenay to book a consultation. You can find us serving clients throughout the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas.